What does a psychologically safe workplace mean to you?

For me, it means being able to bring my authentic self to work, unmask, speak up, share ideas, take risks, and point out potential challenges or mistakes without fear of negative consequences.

Why is creating a psychologically safe workplace is important? Studies have shown that organizations thrive when they embrace collaboration and foster a sense of belonging.

But how do I know if my employees feel safe? Start by asking these questions:
❔ Do employees feel safe to be vulnerable?
❔ Do employees feel safe to be authentic?
❔ Do employees feel safe to collaborate?
❔ Do employees safe to challenge ideas?
❔ Do employees feel safe to make decisions?
❔ Do employees feel to speak up in meetings?
❔ Do employees learn from mistakes?
❔ Do employees feel confident?

Psychological safety shouldn’t be a “nice to have” job perk. It should be a vital part of every organisations culture.

What is your organizationcurrent level of PsychologicalSafety? Are you ready to take steps to improve it? Private message me if you are keen to take the next steps for your organisation to move forward in the right direction.

This brilliant visual was created by Heidi Pickett and shared via Instragram


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